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fucking sun [Feb. 24th, 2007|11:24 pm]
Dan Smith
Slap mud on your ass
Hey yo imma cut a flip
Sting him with sick dicks

Jacob got fucking
Sonic smushed and now hes dead
What a fucking shame

Now your shit is banned
In the mages guild, homie
Now show me your toes

Tonight I threw a
Bouncy ball out of a car
And laughed to myself

French fries as ammo
Destroying cars left and right
Fall out boy is gay

Groovin to my shit
Yall cant stop my mad flows hoes!
Now sniffle mah toes!

Jonathan davis
Simply will not talk to you
About politics

French cops arresting
Malasian cops. Can you spell
Conundrum dirt rocks?

Green screened hawaiians
In canada with french dudes
French slam at Denny's

Rocky Lascio
I will take over
The fucking world with my mad
HTML skills

Condition your hair
Shampoo the crabs out your pubes
Ass hair clogs the drain

The ultimate fight:
Jet Li versus Tony Jaa.
Throw an elephant.

Final Fantasy
Would be much cooler if it
Had a rape option

I'm a shark! I'm a
Shark! I'm a shark! Suck my dick!
Growling lava rocks.

I think I have aids
Farting blood and burping cum
Should have left the pool

I found a dildo
Break my fucking camcorder
No fucking respect

Jerk off in a cup
Punch my dick until it bleeds
Smell my testicles

Playing Battletoads.
Wishing I picked Zitz instead
Of pimple. God damn.